Jorge Sancho

Professional experience:

June 2010–Nov 2015: Jefferies Int Ltd (London): Financial Trader in charge of all European snr (liquid, illiquid or distressed) focused on periphery/illiquids. Previously Bank capital trader for mid sized Spanish Banks, in charge of the LT2 book (European and US Banks), HY covered bonds and some European regions. Main currency is € but also active in USD, AUD, CAD, CHF. Single name CDS and Index trading for book hedging only. Our Sales force was in London, US, Asia and the European Continent too.

May 2009-May 2010: BGC Int (London): Trader at the Bank Capital Desk

Mar 2005- Apr 2009: Bank of America (London): Financial Credit Trader, both cash and CDS. Lastly in charge of European senior, LT2 and insurance cash and Inco`s CDS; backing up Bank single name CDS, Perps and the Financial Index book. Previously in charge of the Perps book, Bank CDS and southern European names (cash: Senior and sub FRN, CDS: Senior and Sub); before that, responsible of US Banks/Brokers/Finance (Senior and Sub fixed). Doing more a sales/trader job than just trading. Trading €/$ and £, but mainly €.

Jul 2002- Mar 2005: BBVA (Madrid): Last year in charge of financial senior trading for cash and CDS. Two and a half years (in total) trading financials in a team of two people covering from ABS, covered bonds up to Tier1. I also traded the auto sector for about 6 months previously. Sales force in Paris, Milan, Lisbon and NY. Main traded currency €.

Sep 2001- Jun 2002: Escuela de Finanzas BBVA (Madrid): Supervisor of a 15 team people and responsible of the grades and well functioning of the Investment Banking Course.

Jun 2000 – Sep 2000: Merrill Lynch Capital Markets España (Madrid): Summer internship in the

Finance department of the Spanish subsidiary; main areas: IBD and Private Banking.


Oct 2016 – May 2017: IESE Program of Leadership Development (PLD). 3 weeks of attendance in Barcelona + a IESE focused designed program

Oct 2013 – Apr 2014: Expert in Spanish Insolvency Law by Deusto University (online). I can be an administrator of insolvent companies according to Spain law.

Sep 2001- Jun 2002: Escuela de Finanzas BBVA (Madrid): Post-degree in Investment Banking.Teachers were mainly BBVA employees: Traders, Sales, Research, IBD, DCM

Oct 1996 – Jun 2001: Universidad Comercial de Deusto (Bilbao): Bachelor in Business Administration. Specialist in Finance and Marketing.

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